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Meet Manuel Valenzuela, a music maestro whose music has spanned three incredible decades. From Mexico to the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, Manuel's journey is a harmonious blend of rhythm, talent, and a thirst for musical adventure.

Starting his musical saga thirty years ago, Manuel's passion led him through private mentorship, college studies, and even online courses at Berklee, all to master the art of music composition.

His talent transcended borders, igniting stages from Mexico to New York City before settling in LA. There, his fingers danced across guitar strings, filling clubs and even Hollywood stages with infectious energy and joyous melodies.

Beyond performing, Manuel's creativity extended to composition, earning him a diploma in Composing for Film and TV. He's painted emotions across auditory canvases for various cinematic experiences.

Not content with just performing and composing, Manuel shares his musical wisdom by mentoring students of all ages at Paradigm Music School in Van Nuys, CA.

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